GP Digital Rhetor

<ῥητορ>George Pullman</ῥητορ>


I've been at Georgia State University since 1990. I teach people how to write effectively, think critically, and speak persuasively. My scholarly areas of focus are the history of rhetoric and digital communication. Writing for digital delivery is as much about code as it is about prose and that's why I write interactive class websites (digital learning spaces) and digital book platforms using PHP and MySQL. But I still write books and articles using words alone.




Undergrad1103: First Year Composition (Honors) 2105: Workplace Based Writing and Research 3080: Persuasion: History, Theory, Practice 3120: Digital Writing and Publishing 3130: Business Writing
Graduate 8124: Programming for Writers 8170: History of Composition and Rhetoric 1 8900: Rhetoric and Power