Lectures: Background for Class

Much of the material linked below is available in updated form in Persuasion: History, Theory, and Practice. You don't need to buy this book to succeed in this class. But you might find it helpful. It is written for undergraduates and so you should find it pretty easy to read.

  1. What is Rhetoric
  2. Rhetoric and Democracy
  3. Agora: traditional site of Greek rhetorical instruction and activity
  4. The five canons (offices or divisions) of rhetoric
  5. Invention
  6. Anti Rhetoric and Sophistic Rhetoric
    Sophists: Education and Politics
    Digression on Indirection
  7. Isocrates
  8. Dialectic
    Two examples
  9. Some random thoughts on Phaedrus
  10. Aristotle
    Topics of what is good
    Topics of magnitude
    Twenty eight common topics
    False topics
    Applied Aristotle
  11. Aristotle, Book 3
  12. "Asian" Rhetoric and Theoprastus
  13. Rhetoric ad Alexandrum
  14. (EXAM)